Company Profile

As National Printing & Packaging, NATPRINT we have come a long way from our humble beginnings as Aslin Reil over sixty years ago. In 1957 we merged with Mardon, Son and Hall of Bristol, England and formed what was then known as Mardon Aslin. In 1961, we merged with Rhodesian Printers to form Mardon Printers to become market leaders. During the period 1961 to 1975 we incorporated Typocrafters, a security printing company in Bulawayo further becoming a Colossus1 in our industry of choice. In 1987 joined the Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Private Limited and Natprint as the printing world knows it, was born. Zimpapers Group of Companies is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Our factory boasts of one and two colour as well as state of the art four and five colour printing presses and reel fed presses (webs). We have a fully-fledged origination department that is able to design and originate anything from tickets to multi-section books and directories.

Over the years, Natprint has established itself as a supplier of packaging cartons to the food, detergent and tobacco industries. We are also renowned in the scholastic sector as a producer of quality textbooks and exercise books. Commercially, we produce magazines, annual reports, bulletins, posters, flyers, calendars, brochures and labels for the beverage and chemical industries.

The company employs 110 personnel at any time. All machine operators are fully qualified journeymen who are constantly and consistently being exposed to the demands and requirements of new printing technology.

Our market coverage is countrywide and we have established distribution networks to deliver customised cartons, labels, books and general commercial print jobs to every town in the country. We have also extended our market into the region to Zambia and Malawi.


To be the publisher and printer of choice.


To provide quality publishing, printing and packaging services to our customers at
competitive prices and in keeping with international requirements.



We at Natprint are passionate about serving the customer to their satisfaction. We believe continually improving the quality of our products and services to our clients is a never ending journey. For us, the quality of the product should be what the client expects all the time. In addition to delivering a superior quality product, we believe that delivery at the expected time is a key part of the quality of our service to our clientele.

In order to provide our clients with outstanding quality of product and service we have adopted the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System as our diamond standard. This is an internationally recognised system of quality assurance which has been tried and tested all over the world. It has been proven to be effective in assuring that companies achieve desired quality goals consistently. It has also been proven to be a highly effective tool and provides an excellent framework for achieving continual improvement consistently.

At Natprint we are passionate about quality. We believe it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that we achieve our quality goals. We are therefore totally focused on customer needs. In all our decisions, in all we do, we first consider whether what we are doing is geared towards adding value and satisfaction to the customer. It is therefore our solemn promise to all our current and prospective customers that we are fully committed and well equipped to provide excellent quality of product and service at all times.

It is therefore our promise to all our current and prospective customers that we are fully committed and well equipped to provide excellent quality of product and service at all times.

Customer Service

The nature of our business is best conducted on a personal selling level as jobs are done to customer specification. We therefore operate on a daily, weekly and monthly call plan basis depending on the needs of each customer.

Our Sales Representatives call on customers to check on their requirements, update them on the status of their orders, assist on format designs, get feedback on product performance and generally educate/advise the customer on market trends and related issues. The call cycle is a mutually agreed time frame between our Sales Representative and the customer.

Our delivery lead times are customer specific and it is our promise that we deliver quality product(s) on time to our customers. We have a standby generator as an alternative power source during power outages.